22 Apr 14

Sexy White Panties

This is where we like our woman to be partially naked the most – in the kitchen…. Autumn Riley likes cooking for us (slut!) and loves posing for us in the kitchen (slut!)… Now let’s just put two and two together and let’s work on getting Autumn Riley to make us a sandwich while wearing only her panties and a little tank top…..

Look at her boobs… No bra today for Autumn Riley!

autum riley white panties kitchen

21 Apr 14

Baby Got Back

There are times when fucking is fun, but hand jobs and blow jobs are always a great way to spend time… Then again, dry humping is fun too. If I had the chance with Autumn Riley and I would gladly climb on her back and rub my cock on until I came in her hair…

autumn riley dry humping fun

You know, just for shits and giggles!

I’d do anything to spend time with Autumn Riley!

19 Apr 14

Black Heels In Bed

I love Autumn Riley… She’s hot. Of course, I’ll love any woman who is willing to wear her high heels into bed!

Check out the bra Autumn Riley is wearing here… It’s smoking hot. The way her breasts fit into that sexy little bra… It’s enough to make a grown man feel weak.

autumn riley sexy boobs in bra

If I had Autumn Riley in my bed like this, I’d be tearing off her clothes to get at her good bits!

17 Apr 14

Playing With Her Breasts

Love her dark hair in this shot…

Do you ever wonder if Autumn Riley gets off playing with her titties? I think she does… I think she secretly loves it! You know how most women like to have their titties man handled… It’s because it turns them on.

autumn riley long dark hair

And I’m guessing that with Autumn Riley it’s just a matter of touching her boobies and her panties area already wet!

14 Apr 14

Panties In The Kitchen

I like my women seen, not heard. Easy to look at but I don’t want to hear them flapping about shoe shopping and such nonsense. I just want to fuck ‘em and then have me make me a samwich.

With as pretty as Autumn Riley looks… I might be willing to listen to her for a little bit. But only while she’s making me something to eat.

autumn riley naked-in kitchen

And only while Autumn Riley is in her bra and panties – and high heels!

12 Apr 14

Silly But Sexy Socks

I’m not sure if I could bang a chick with colorful socks like this. I might spent too much time giggling like a little school girl. But I am hoping that once Autumn Riley swings into motion I’ll be able to get past her silly socks…

autumn riley sexy socks 2

Seeing Autumn Riley with no close on helps me to over look her silly socks…

autumn riley sexy socks 1

10 Apr 14

Sexy Shower Fun

This morning our Autumn Riley is taking a shower, which we imagine is something she does daily. Thank god for that. In the same breath we should thank god that she’s letting us watch this morning…

First off, Autumn Riley is washing her snatch. That’s good. It’s hot and we need her to have a clean little snatch!

autummn riley sexy shower3

But then Autumn Riley gets crazy and smashes her huge boobs up against the glass!

autummn riley sexy shower2

That’s a site we don’t get to see too often!

7 Apr 14

Super Tight Ass

You have to admit, Autumn Riley looks good from behind too… What a nice tight ass Autumn Rileyhas!


5 Apr 14

Sexy Brown Eyes

With eyes like hers and the boobs that she has… Autum Riley will never go without a date!


She’ll never be caught home alone masturbating – not Autumn Riley!

3 Apr 14

Autumn Riley Has Perky Tits

Just imagine coming home to this laying down on your bed… Half naked – wearing only panties and having her titties out… Look at Autumn Riley looking back up at us with those big brown eyes…. That’s enough to get you hard an a New York Minute!

autumn riley panties

Trust me Autumn Riley would have you eating out of her hand if she wanted you to!

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